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Collaborative Seminars: How Groups Can Add Value

Since professional social networking is what LinkedIn is all about, we are applying it to the registration and learning process as well as to the content. EGLI guides executives in forming meaningful relationships using online tools, which involves new concepts, tools and behaviors. Group learning can have a significant impact on how much you learn.

When you take a seminar with one or more trusted friends, you may be willing to open up more and try harder—during the seminar and afterwards. You have a head start in supporting each other in your continued learning. Of course, EGLI seminars facilitate powerful group interaction among "classmates," and each class becomes its own group. More behind-the-scenes thoughts in this blog post.

Social Networking Registration

Here are the basics of what you have to know; to drill down into the finer points, please see the FAQ below:

Fees (each) Individual $295   |   2 people $245   |  3 people $220   |   4+ people $195
Pre-enrollment EGLI will promote the seminar before enrollment to give you time to find some friends and start a group (hint: try tapping your strongest LinkedIn connections). People, associations or companies can start groups, and each group gets its own group code
Enrollment People enroll individually or with group codes. Enrollment is first come, first served because class sizes are limited. During Enrollment, anyone can cancel, but it can drive up the group's per member cost, depending on the group's size (if your group had 4 members and one drops, you would each pay 220 instead of 195; however, if you had 6 and drop to 5, there would be no change in per member cost)
Closing Enrollment closes one week before the seminar if the seminar is sold out, with the first 25 people getting places. EGLI applies discounts to your group based on its size. No cancellations after this point, but we will gladly accept substitutions
Alumni Alumni may register for either session at the lowest fee level, even as individuals (you're always a member of our group). Once you complete the Key Concepts Session, you're an alum, so the Application Session is at the alum price ($195)
Free registration Anyone may apply to host a seminar. Hosts locate a room for 25 people and manage catering (but EGLI pays for it). To submit your plan to be the host, use our online planner
EGLI will bestow Connector and Group Awards on the biggest group of each seminar with 6 or more people. Companies, associations and people are eligible

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know when my place is confirmed?

During Enrollment, the first 25 people who register for each session will have their places confirmed at the completion of the payment process. After 25 people, we will deactivate the payment process but enable people to sign up for the wait list (see below).

I registered with my own group code but just discovered a friend had also registered with her own code.. can we still form a group?

Yes, as long as Enrollment is still open. We will try to automate this, but in the meantime, email me. Tell me (and all your friends ,^) whose group code you want to use.

What happens when I'm #26?
EGLI is capping class size to enable collaboration, but I don't want to discourage groups from forming (for example, you get four people together but two are in queue at #26 and #32, and no one cancels during Enrollment, so half your group doesn't get in). Therefore, here is the policy: For every group that has two or more confirmed (i.e. they were within the first 25) with a singleton outstanding, EGLI will accept the singleton in that class; however, if that same group had 2+ outstanding, they would be wait-listed. Depending on size of the wait list, we would schedule another seminar soon afterward.
If I register for the Key Concepts Session and later want to "add" the Application Session, how do I do that?

This is simpler than it may sound. Go to registration, and sign up for the Application Session separately. Since you have registered for Key Concepts, in the eyes of registration, you are an alum and eligible for the Application Session.

If I sign up for both sessions and subsequently want to cancel/refund one of them, how do I do that?

If you have already taken an EGLI seminar before October 9, this works differently than if your first EGLI seminar is October 9. If you are in the latter group, you can give up your place in the Application Session and remain in the Key Concepts session, but you may not take the Application Session without the Key Concepts Session first. Go to our Cancel/Refund page to do that. If you were an EGLI alum before October 9, you may retain one and cancel the other.

Remember that when you cancel, you will give up your place in the wait list as well. If you were part of a group, their group discount may change depending on the size of the group. More on group discounts in the table above.

I'm an EGLI Alum of a previous seminar, and I'm interested in the Application Session. If I register for it, how do I know there will be a place for me?

People who sign up for the Key Concepts Session are assured a place in the Application Session of the same day. In theory, if the seminar is sold out, there might not be any "extra" places in the afternoon session. In practice, we expect a good portion of places to be available.

Please note that the Application Session has its own wait list. We will accept registrations from Alums on a "first-come, first-served basis," so the earlier you sign up, the more certain will be your place. Our normal change/cancel policy applies: if you register and there is no space, we will, at your option, refund the total (no admin fee) or priority wait list you.

I've been wait-listed. What happens to me and the members of the group?
I realize that it could be disappointing to get a group together and not have the group get in the same class; therefore, here is an extra benefit for groups that encounter this: when you have 2+ group members wait-listed (and they do not take themselves off the list), your group is not dinged by higher ticket prices (remember, you still have the same discount code). Two more benefits: the wait-listed members remain in queue for the next seminar, and they can invite others to the following seminar at the group's per member entry fee, even though the newly invited group members cannot jump in the queue.
What is the Priority Wait List, and how does it work?

Imagine that you have registered for one or two seminar sessions, and a business trip makes it impossible to attend at the last minute. You cannot find a substitute for yourself for one/both of the sessions. You wanted to attend as soon as possible. On the Cancel/Refund page, you select "Wait list" and take yourself off the list of attendees, but you do not ask for a refund. We will offer you first option for the next seminar in your city. In effect, you "jump the queue" of the "regular" wait list.

How does substitution work?

When you are a confirmed attendee and subsequently can't make one or two of the sessions for which you registered, you can find someone else to attend in your place. In this case, you are not considered an Alum, and you have presumably been reimbursed by the person taking your place. As a reward for finding the substitute, we will Priority Wait list you for the next seminar. This is true even if you had signed up for two sessions and find a substitute for one of them. For the other, normal policies apply (see the Cancel/Refund page).

What is the "regular" wait list?

During Enrollment, some seminars will sell out before Enrollment was scheduled to close. In this case, we will deactivate the payment process, but we will leave open the first part of the sign-up process, enabling you to show your intention to sign up for the next available seminar. The regular wait list comprises people who intend to take the next seminar available but who haven't paid for a place.

This is inconvenient because I travel a ton, I really needed that date and I didn't get in!

Remember, if you were a member of a group, after Enrollment closes, we still accept substitutions at no charge; that could enable you to swap with someone.

Please email me with other questions, so we can build this FAQ. Thanks!

Seminars/Social Networking Registration

Social networking registration gives any individual, company or association the ability to organize even an entire seminar quite easily, using the same infrastructure as we use in public seminars.

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