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Collaborative Seminar, Featuring Social Networking Registration

Welcome to the EGLI registration site, which will help you to secure your place in our seminar and help you to use "Social Networking Registration." Please note that we are currently in Pre-Enrollment, and this form will be operational on September 4. Please see the sidebar.

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Social Networking Registration

Collaborative Seminars use social networking to add value in two ways: they limit class size to increase interaction and encourage participants to leverage LinkedIn and other means to form small groups that can increase learning. Here is how registration works (also see the long version for the full treatment):

  • When you are one of the first 25 to enroll in the Key Concepts Session via this form, you are assured a place. Your card is initially charged the individual fee (295).
  • Your group code is either
    • The code given to you by the person organizing the group... or
    • 20081009+your initials. For example, my group code for this seminar would be 20081009csr. If you have no middle initial, put your first initial, any number between 1 and 9 and close with your last initial. I could put 20081009c2r. If you are not part of a group when you enroll, enter your own group code according to this rule.
  • When you give your group code to trusted connections and they register with it, you all earn a discount according to your group's size when Enrollment closes.
  • When Enrollment closes, we will apply the discount against the cards of each person in your group, subtracting from the 295, as follows:
    • Individual $0    |    2 people $50 each    |    3 people $75 each    |    4+ people $100 each
  • Since the afternoon session is only open to Alumni, it is already discounted and is unaffected.
  • During the Enrollment period, you may cancel and give your place to someone else. We will refund your card for the full amount charged less a $25 administrative fee. There will be no refunds when Enrollment closes, but we gladly offer substitutions.
Please select only A, B or C
A—Key Concepts Session (morning only) Group code $295 Paypal
B—Application Session (afternoon only) Alumni Class $195 Paypal
C—Both Sessions (includes lunch) $490 Paypal

The 9 October Seminar is currently in Pre-Enrollment, so you were sent here to let you see the registration form and understand the process.

On Sept. 4, Enrollment will open, and you can come here to register and get your place in the seminar.

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For more insight on Social Networking Registration, read this blog post.

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